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Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas (Formerly: Iranian Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas)
"Interventions for Promoting Research Knowledge Translation: An Introduction"

Reza Majdzadeh, Sharareh Ahghari, Saharnaz Nedjat, Jaleh Gholami, Katayoun Maleki, Masoud Yunesian and Akbar fotuhi

Corresponding Author:

Reza Majdzadeh
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Received:June 6,2009
Accepted: July 14,2009
Available online:July 18,2009

Annually, multiple research projects are implemented in medical universities, but their results are not efficiently utilized. This condition has resulted in an increased focus on promoting the status of research-based knowledge transfer in the university. It was in response to this need that certain studies were conducted to determine the interventions required for efficiently utilizing research-based knowledge. The results of these studies were multiple measures and interventions that can collectively promote the status of research-based knowledge translation.
Some of these interventions were as follows: designing an algorithm for selection of research projects which are legible for knowledge transfer, compiling a code of ethics for observing research stakeholders' intellectual property rights, modifying faculty members' promotion criteria to create incentives for knowledge transfer, modifications in presentation of articles, modifying proposal and final report formats, and designing a backing database. The impact of each hypothesis (intervention) will be evaluated through a study appropriate to it's content. The results of this study can be beneficial to research policy makers to utilizing research-based knowledge efficiently.

knowledge ،  Translation ،  Transfer ،  Utilization ،  Dissemination ،  Evidence-based medicine ،  Research ،  intervention ،  Decision Making ،  Innovation ،  Health research system ،  Iran
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