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Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas (Formerly: Iranian Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas)
"Interventions for Promoting Research Knowledge Translation: Selection and Grading of Research Projects for Decision Makers"

Saharnaz Nedjat, Katayoun Maleki, Sharareh Ahghari, Jaleh Gholami and Masoud Yunesian

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Saharnaz Nedjat
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Received:June 6,2009
Accepted: July 14,2009
Available online:July 18,2009

Research-based knowledge transfer is considered an important principle in health. The status of knowledge transfer was studied in earlier studies and accordingly certain interventions were designed on the basis of its weaknesses. The idea was to design an algorithm for selection of research projects which are legible for knowledge transfer.
Using literature review, grading of research projects was examined for its design and methodology. A decision was then made on the method of grading projects using relevant expert opinions. In the next stage, considering the validity of the aforementioned grading, and contextual examination, an algorithm was designed to define the method of selecting projects and their result transfer.
Since articles usually don't convey all the research findings, and don't reach decision makers on time, article writing doesn't seem sufficient for knowledge transfer. It is therefore necessary to adopt a mechanism that will convey valid research findings to target audiences. The algorithm presented in this article will help research authorities systematically decide about selecting research projects for knowledge transfer. Evaluation of this intervention was suggested for future researches. The results of this study can be beneficial to research policy makers in the university.

knowledge ،  Translation ،  Transfer ،  Utilization ،  Dissemination ،  Evidence-based medicine ،  Research ،  Outcome and Process Assessment ،  Quality control ،  Grading ،  Innovation ،  Health research system ،  Iran
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