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Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas (Formerly: Iranian Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas)
"Interventions for Promoting Research Knowledge Translation: Why and how should we promote utilization of research-based knowledge through medical journals?"

Bahareh Yazdizadeh and Sima Nedjat

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Received:June 6,2009
Accepted: July 14,2009
Available online:July 18,2009

What is medical journals purpose of publishing research? These objectives have significantly changed since the first medical journals have been published; accordingly article formats have also transformed. Initially publication of articles was done with the purpose of informing the other researchers, but gradually, as the volumes of information and research target audiences increased, certain changes such as formatting abstracts and full texts were implemented in article presentations to inform target audiences in the shortest time. The question now is, how have medical journals moved on following the occurrence and development of evidence-based medicine and subsequently knowledge translation which highlight the importance of changing target audiences' behavior on the grounds of new evidence?
In order to identify the changes introduced in journals to promote knowledge translation, a search was conducted in electronic journals that were accessible. Eventually, it was observed that two important events had taken place in medical journals: changing article formats and creating new journals. In some journals there is a separate section that clearly highlights the essence of the study. For example inserting questions like "what does your study add to the current knowledge available?" or "how can the results of this study change target audiences' behavior?". On the other hand, journals were created that only publish systematic review studies.
Unfortunately, the aforementioned changes have not been addressed by many international and domestic medical journals. Therefore, in order to strengthen knowledge translation through journals in the country, we suggest inserting a section titled "Overview Box" in addition to formatting abstracts. To assess the impact of this intervention in improving the status of knowledge translation, we suggest an interventional study aimed at examining the impact of this box and properly transferring the article's messages and its impact on service providers' clinical practice. We expect to see enhancement of knowledge translation through this intervention, and to bring research knowledge closer to its rightful utilization.

knowledge ،  Translation ،  Transfer ،  Utilization ،  Dissemination ،  Evidence-based medicine ،  Research ،  message ،  audience ،  Journalism ،  Medical ،  Peer Review ،  Physician's practice patterns ،  Professional Practice ،  Innovation ،  Health research system ،  Iran
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