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Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas (Formerly: Iranian Journal of Medical Hypotheses and Ideas)
"Interventions for Promoting Research Knowledge Translation: Intellectual Property Rights of Stakeholders for Promotion of Knowledge Translation"

Katayoun Maleki, Sharareh Ahghari and Reza Majdzadeh

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Katayoun Maleki
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Received:June 6,2009
Accepted: July 14,2009
Available online:July 18,2009

One of the vital aspects of transferring research results is intellectual property of information. The key point in intellectual property is lack of use or misuse of research results. At times the urgent or early transfer of research results is necessary, and at times it is not possible prior to peer review. Since there were no specific rules in this field in the country, one of the innovations suggested for strengthening knowledge translation was compilation of an ethical code for research to promote knowledge translation by safekeeping stakeholders' intellectual property rights.
The current status of knowledge translation in the university has been evaluated by the research team. Among the most important issues of disseminating research results prior to publication is the prerequisite of peer review. Dissemination of research results is also dependant on the contract made on intellectual property rights, the type of data, and the urgency of their early publication. The final draft is a figure that has been illustrated in the full text. After compilation and implementation of the ethical code in the country's research system, in addition to re-evaluating the knowledge translation status of the university, the role of this specific innovation should also be assessed in bringing about any change in this status.
In Iran the medical universities provide resources for research. We therefore suggest two recommendations under the current circumstances: to promulgate the use of the mentioned ethical code, and to add a clause to the university's research contracts in which the university will have the right to disseminate research results in the target audiences' language if they are beneficial to the community and scientifically valid.

Knowledge ،  Translation ،  Utilization ،  Dissemination ،  Evidence-Based Medicine ،  Research ،  Intellectual Property ،  Research Ethics ،  Innovation ،  Health system research ،  Iran
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