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Iranian Journal of Public Health
2009;38(Suppl.1) : 58-62
Report Article
Iran's Approach to Knowledge Translation

*R Majdzadeh1, S Nedjat 1, A Fotouhi 2, H Malekafzali 3

 1School of Public Health, Center for Academic and Health Policy (CAHP), Tehran University of Medical Science, Iran
2School of Public Health, Tehran University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran
3Institute of Public Health Research, School of Public Health, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Corresponding Author:

R Majdzadeh



Knowledge translation was created in response to the knowledge-do gap. With the growing number of research projects, utilization of research knowledge roused interest. One of its defects, which are seen more in developing countries, is the scarcity of recognized practical knowledge translation applications. The actions taken to strengthen knowledge translation can be classified into three categories of ‘push, pull and exchange'. In Iran, some of the interventions effective in knowl­edge translation, may not have primarily taken place with this aim, but can however be effective in it. Some of the meas­ures taken specifically in Iran's research system are: capacity building of human resources for knowledge translation, better utilization of research by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, creating necessary incentives among medical uni­versities, identification of barriers and proposing interventions. Pilots of knowledge translation interventions are concerned with ‘push' activities whose main focus is to support knowledge translation activities and promote active strategies (or in­crease interaction between researchers and decision makers during research and utilization of results). Long-plan programs such as ‘Iran's Health Innovation and Science Development plan have also been designed for the future. These include formation of centers for reducing the knowledge-do gap in the form of knowledge and health technology translation centers.

Diffusion of innovation ،  Evidence-based medicine ،  Information dissemination ،  Policy ،  Research ،  Iran
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