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Tehran University Medical Journal
2006;64(2) : 1-2
[ The Causes Of Pancytopenia ]
[Article in Persian]
H. Jalaee-Khoo M. Keihani
Background and Aim: Pancytopenia is the reduction of all 3 series of blood cells e.g. Erythroids, leukocytes, and platelets. The causes of pancytopenia are diverse. Some are related to bone marrow failure caused by toxins (Bone Marrow with no cells or low cells). Bone marrow may be infiltrated by malignant and foreign cells or bone marrow fibrosis. Genetics factor and geographical disease could be also a factor in different distribution of pancytopenic etiology. Materials and Methods: All patients with pancytopenia from 1373 to 1381 who were admitted to Army 501 hospital were evaluated. All hospital documents were evaluated. 188 patients had pancytopenia were diagnosed. Results: 1. The commonest cause of pancytopenia was leukemia 2. Most cases of leukemia were acute myelogenous leukemia 3. Most leukemia cases were in 2nd decade of life in this group 4. Most of the patient had Anemia, weakness and fatigue Conclusion: Pancytopenia should be regarded as a serious finding and evaluated thoroughly.
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