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Payavard Salamat
2012 ,Vol. 5, No. 4
ISSN: 1735-8132
eISSN: 2008-2665
  Table of Contents
[ Examining Cell Wall Proteins In Candida Albicans And Candida Dubliniensis By Using Sodium DodecyleSulphate Gel Electrophoresis & Modified Staining Method ] p. 10-15
[Article in Persian]
Seyed Amir Yazdanparast ،  Seyedeh Shahrzad Mahdavi Nezarati ،  Fariba Heshmati ،  Samira jahangiri ،  Zohreh Zarei
443 KB
[ Prevalence Of Hypertension And Its Impact On Birth Weight And Current Body Weight In School Children In Tehran ] p. 16-23
[Article in Persian]
Sina Moradmand ،  Reza Ganji Mohammad ،  Ali Pasha Meysami ،  Zahra Akbari ،  Seyede Zoha Mirkhani ،  Nages Tabrizchi ،  Zahra Mokhtari
301 KB
[ The Prevalence Of Obesity In Primary Schools Of Golestan Province Of Iran ] p. 24-31
[Article in Persian]
Gholam Reza veghari ،  Reza Rahmati
309 KB
[ Relationship Between General Health And Manager's Leadership Style And Its Effect On Staff's Job Satiasfaction In Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences ] p. 32-40
[Article in Persian]
Korush Banihashemiyan ،  Fateme Golestan Jahrumi ،  Nikzad Ghanbary pirkashani ،  Mahmood Sharafy
315 KB
[ Study Of Managers' Communication Skills Based On The Staff's View In Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences ] p. 41-48
[Article in Persian]
Ali Keshtkaran ،  Alireza Heidari ،  Peivand Bastani
328 KB
[ Assessment Of Health Care Services In Outpatient Clinics Based On SERVQUAL Model In Hospitals Of Tehran   ] p. 49-56
[Article in Persian]
Seyed Jamaloddin Tabibi ،  Mohmod Reza Gohari ،  Somayeh Shahri ،  Sara Aghababa
305 KB
[ The Use of Personal Digital Assistants and Smartphones to Access Health Information ] p. 57-65
[Article in Persian]
Iman Tahamtan ،  Shahram Sedghi
425 KB
[ Hospital Services Quality From Patients' Point Of View: A Cross-Sectional Study In Tehran Private Hospitals ] p. 66-76
[Article in Persian]
Ehsan Zarei ،  Seyed Mahmud Ghazi Tabatabai ،  Abbas Rahimi Forushani ،  Arash Rashidiyan ،  Mohammad Arab
328 KB
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