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Mt. Chiisazi , Kaviarri F., J. Yazdani ,
Volume 17, Issue 4 (1-2005)

Statement of Problem: In spite of the limitations of Radiography, diagnosing of periodontal diseases without having accurate radiographs is inadequate because it provides a visible image of the supporting bone to the clinician and works as a fixed measure of the supporting bone during the study.
Purpose: The aim of this study is to compare the precision of preiapical, bitewings and panoramic radiographs in determining the distance between the alveolar crest (AC) and cementoenamel junction (CEJ) of teeth.
Materials and Methods: Statistically this is a survey study in which 120 interproximal surfaces of teeth were measured during surgery by periodontal probing and recorded as the actual measurement. Then 40 sites underwent bitewing, 40 sites preapical and 40 others panoramic radiography and the distance of CEJ up to the alveolar crest of bone was measured on them by periodontal probe and recorded. Then each group was analyzed separately and the Pearson's correlation coefficient was examined for the data.
Results: The results of this study showed that when the thickness of the remaining bone in a millimeter limit
is important for (he surgeon, the bitewing radiography has a prime importance, but when bone loss is
moderate, the panoramic radiography showing %89 of the cases close to the actual measure, can be
acceptable. On the other hand, in anterior sites for determining the bone alteration, preiapical radiography
with a 0.93 correlation coefficient is superior to the panoramic radiography with a correlation coefficient of
0.72 and we suggest it for examining the changes of bone in these sites.
Conclusion: whenever the bone alteration is moderate or severe, it seems that, bitewing radiography is of
particular importance, but when the bone loss is little, panoramic radiography can be used and there is no need
to put the patient on unnecessary radiation.

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